Staying strong

What is it like to expect from a wrong person.

It is not their faults. But it is yours. You know it very well that they won’t stand for you. They will never be with you. They will always judge you and will never appreciate the things that you do for them. Most importantly, they will lie to you.

But still, in this nasty world, you live with a hope that someday things will turn out to be good. Things will change. Time heals everything. But in this process, you get changed. Time does not heal but makes the pain forget for a while. You will want to forget things. So, you do a bit of exercise, stay focussed on your work. You try to be busy. People will hate you for all the amount of energy that you put into your work. But they don’t know the reason behind giving all your energy in it. They don’t know that you are lonely. You do things to occupy yourself. They never will. Because they live in a happy world. They will never know your world.

You will feel horrible. But the only thing that gives you happiness maybe temporarily will be your work, your success. You get so much occupied that you dedicate yourself into it. And positively, you become an achiever. People envy you. Forget about love, you won’t even make good friends. You have created enemies and critics for yourself who are ready to pull you down at every instant.

But what about life, it hits you on your face. Despite having everything, you will feel hollow. A void that is ready to engulf you. A tornado that pull you towards it to apply that gigantic centripetal force and swallow you. But don’t forget girl, you are strong. You have always been. You are capable of turning off that shitty tornado with your left hand. All you have to do is believe in yourself.

Be a fighter and you will be rewarded. Live with a hope.


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