Two worlds

Sometimes its very hard to believe if life is real. I believe we live in two worlds. One, in which do our daily chores. In which, we fulfill our duties, we meet people, know them, socialize. Our existence in this life is mandatory. Its not a choice, we have to live it whether we like it or not. In most cases, we happen to like it and if not we start making it better. And these trials for improvements is a life long phenomenon. The other life is the one within us. This life is not mandatory but people happen to live in it in anyway. In this, we have dreams, we discover ourselves , and in the most simplest terms “we just live”. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Talking about both the worlds, if given a choice, some people might go for anyone and some might just want the best of both worlds. I am not among those who want it all. I am just a simple human who lives in the mandatory world trying to make improvements tasting both failures and success. But if asked a preference, I would say, I enjoy the inner world within. Its not because I dn’t like socializing or something like that. But the only reason is that I am the hero in my inner world. No matter how many failures I may have faced in this world, I am the best for myself.

In my world, I am the most beautiful, the most intelligent girl. I am a superhero because I can handle any situation. I am the strongest girl and I do not have to think of others (maybe I am a bit selfish).But all this is not coz I feel  others are less superior than me but coz I am the only person in my world.

” No comparisons, no complications.”

But in anyway, how so ever happy and content I may be, I do not feel complete. I can claim that I am the strongest and the bravest. But, the fact is that I am not as cool as I think I am. Yes, I am cool but a bit less. There are times when I feel low and I would want to run to somebody with my problems.  I fear a lot of things and I would want someone to hold my hand and help me with that. Not only during my low times, but also during the times I laugh hard, so hard that I would want to hold someone’s hands tightly and share the smiles.When I achieve something, I would want a kiss on my forehead and make someone proud.Also, during the times, when I watch something amazing and hysterical, I would want to share the moment in someone’s arms.It sounds very interesting. But it demands a lot of risks and strength to score that someone.

I have had such opportunities in my life, sometimes I let go, sometimes I grabbed. There are no such rules which define the proper steps to do it. Its all about the interception of all the possibilities. It can be called coincidence but whatever it is, its full of surprises. I like it, walking on a path with a stranger knowing nothing. Its good to be unknown sometimes. You have no idea whats coming next and you go with the flow. You face your fears but in a different way and laugh about it. You see things in a different way, know yourself from a different projection. In all, its more about a process of exploration of two different persons who are ready to open themselves in a way which both enjoy comfortably. The two persons share their old moments, their fonds, and create more magical moments. They trust each other with their deepest secrets and as somebody says, take a leap of faith. Its wonderful where you disconnect totally with the world around you and don’t want to come back. You listen to what silences have to say to you and infact, they speak louder and clearer than the words. Its all about expression. There are different ways of expressing like words or music or anything. I like it when its expressed silently. The manner when your heart speaks and you don’t even have to look at the person, you just simply know.

I dont want gifts, I lose them. I don’t want promises, they fail. I don’t even want a name to this wonderful feeling becoz that would burden me with responsibilities. I just want a feeling that no matter how good or bad my day is, I have a person who will accept me in my horrible ways and times.


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