Introvert or reserved

Its very common to hear people say if they are an introvert or extrovert.

There is also another word called “reserved”. Most of us think introverts and reserved are the same kind of people. But I believe there is a slight difference.

Introverts are the people who do no speak a lot and do not share a lot even with the people they are close to. They keep their thoughts to themselves. They are shy and hesitate to speak up. They are the people who when asked what flavour ice-cream they want, their simple reply will be “anything”.

According to me, reserved are those people who are introverts when sitting with a lot of people around them. They prefer not to speak when they are not comfortable. But these people tend to speak their heart out with their friends and family or whoever they are close to. They are simply reserved to a few number of persons in their life. They will ask for their favourite flavour of ice-cream in family but will be ready to go with anything when sitting in a party where there are lots of people to scare them. Yes, they are scared or a better word would be “hesitant”.

So, anybody who asks me,“ what kind of person you are?”.

I say, “ I am a reserved kind of person.”

I know the people with whom I am very comfortable and I prefer to be open only around them. These people are those who understand me.


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