When a girl cries?

Lets just try to understand the theory behind it. I will be talking about both the science and emotions related to it .

Crying can be scientifically defined as the shedding of your tears in response to an emotional state; very different from ‘lacrimation’, which is the non-emotional shedding of tears. 

This is just a definition. In actual, there are three kinds of tears:

  1. It keeps our eyes from drying out.
  2. It protects the eyes from harsh irritations such as wind, smoke, etc.
  3. This is called emotional tears. When people feel low, its basically the emotional tears that flow down the eyes.

Crying is good as it releases stress and all the toxins from the body. But how do we measure it, how much crying is good? This is not possible. Every single person on this Earth feels one or the other kind of pain. Some might have cried over their failure, some for a break-up, some you know, there are many reasons. But is it the same, how and why a girl and a boy cries. There is a difference. It depends on their gender as well as on the individual.

As I am a girl, and for a person like me, I can say more about how and why I cry. I hope some people can relate to me while others cannot.

Why a girl cries? Juz because she is a girl. This is the most lame answer anybody can give. But this is the answer that you get the most when you ask anybody. Go on, you can try. Ask your parents, friends, or whoever. First they will react asif something is wrong with you. And then the answer will be you know it ( I already mentioned earlier).

Crying is not the first thing any girl prefers. But people see to it as, they are girls, they will cry over everything. Why is it like that? Nobody, nobody wants to face the embarrassment of being seen crying in public. Not even girls. So, first of all, stop saying like that. Its not you but the situations that make her cry.

Something bad happens for the first time, she will try to solve it.

Another bad thing, she will solve it.

Another bad thing, she will solve it again (she has become a pro now).

But wait, another bad thing, she smiles at it and solves it.

Another bad things, she laughs at it and solves it.

Yet another bad thing, this is when she cries. Its all the built-up emotions that comes out one day and she cries. So, don’t ever be mistaken that she is a girl and she cries over everything. Because she is a fighter. She has solved it many a times before. But this time, it just happened.

There is nobody to blame. Neither you, nor the situation, its just her heart which pumps a little faster, her eyes which becomes a little wetter and her voice which becomes a little meeker. A time when she feels a river flowing inside her, when she hears nothing but thunders. When her left hand fingers starts to feel numb and her legs do not sense the floor where she stands. She feels ugly and a trash. She wants to scream out loud but loses her voice. No organ of her body feels like working except the head which does a rhythmic up-down motion. She finds a pillow, burry her head into it and cries. She screams but the cotton-filled balloon does not let her sound come out. She clutches all her fingers in a fist and pushes it down, nothing breaks except her heart.


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