People always stab you from behind and never take a stand for you. These people are those whom you trust the most. I am a person who is very down to earth. I try to be as humble as possible and adjust in every situation. I am the one who takes a step forward to sort out things. I ignore bad things and accept everyone just as they are. I do not judge them for their money, for their dresses, for their looks. I see people in their soul. If I  like something in a person, I will ignore all the bad things and that is how I chose friends till now. That is how I was brought up to identify people and choose friends. Because that is the kind of people that stay with you forever. But as I grew up, I realized how untrue it is.

I made compromises in every phase of my life just to adjust in the surrounding and make people around me comfortable and happy. But what did I achieve. Nothing. In addition, I am crowned with the title of a devil and people use me as a tool to make themselves safe. They used me for my incapability to speak against them. I always thought I was just to myself. But now I have realized that staying quiet for others make you incapable to stand for yourself. You make the other person safe at the cost of your own respect and identity. And I, on the name of friendship have been sacrificing this for years. How foolish I am to understand this simple equation.  People try to use you, when they fail, they use you by a fantastic tool named “friendship”. And you have no choice but to summon.

Its not that every friend is the same. But its very important to know who are your true friends and who are the fake ones. I have had many bad experiences. But with time, I learned to understand the theory of all this. Relationships are critical and brittle, a small mistake can cause a big damage. You may feel sorry later but you cant do anything to undo it. If you realized it, its better to compensate for it. This will not mend the damage that you caused. It cannot heal someone’s broken heart but atleast try to put a bandage from your side. All you can do is try, rest depends on the person who is willing to forgive you or not. And trust me, if you tried from your heart, the person will definitely forgive you.


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