Behind the Wheel


The roar of engine, the sound of accelerator doesn’t really excite me. I am a peace-loving person. Yes, I enjoy both bike rides as well as car rides. But, I prefer car rides. There are numerous reasons, one of which is, my hair doesn’t tangle. I can play my favourite music while I can chat easily enjoying the beautiful world outside the window. I can click pictures of the journey and can sit comfortably without hurting my back.

These are the positives of going on a car ride. But, its different when you sit behind the wheel. The same engine gets connected to your heartbeat. You understand the road better. The gear shifts gives you immense pleasure. The manoeuvring of steering wheel on the road glides your body. It is a heavenly experience which you miss if you just sit in the car and control the playlist.

There are days when you don’t feel good and don’t want to move your ass out of the bed. You don’t feel like eating. You switch on the TV but nothing takes your attention. You check your FB, Twitter and all the social media accounts. You check your Whatsapp. You are so damn bored that you check each person of your contact list, their status, and yes, their last seen. You call at home, talk for a while where your mother tells you all the gossips of everyone in the entire family. You hang up with a blank mind. Nothing in the world excites you. You try to find out the meaning of your existence and think of all the superhero stories and fairy tales. You try to recall your childhood memories. You do everything in the world except move your ass out of your bed. Because this is the most comfortable thing you can do.

Its always good to push your limits and move out of your comfort zone. If you don’t feel good, step out of the home. Yes, do not try to do anything which requires only mental attention and no physical workout. This is because after some time, you will again go into your thoughts and do nothing but waste your time. This is the best decision to make at that time. Get dressed up, apply some lipstick (its good sometimes, helps increase your self-confidence), wear your sunglasses and start the engine. The throttle sound will pump your heart faster and believe me, the moment you put your feet on the accelerator, you will feel like the queen of your own world.

“Follow Road Rules, Be Safe”


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