Mind is a challenge

Mind is a complete challenge for humans. We try to control it.

Every time, we are angry, we stop to scream.

Every time, we are sad, we try not to cry.

Every time, we love, we stop to speak.

Every time, we are betrayed, we, well you know it well.

What the heart does that help us.? Honestly, it does not help but ruin it for worse.

Infact, we are the ones who are responsible for each and every misery of our life. We are ones who create it and thus, we are the ones who need to suffer. Then, why is it that we blame everyone around us for the mistake that we committed. The reason is simple, we do not want to blame us. We do not want to take the responsibilities of taking wrong decisions and then we end up crying and accusing others. But the question is , for how long?

A threshold is to be reached. And it should be reached by the time when you cry infront of all your friends and talk about your miseries. This is the correct time when the threshold is reached. All you need to do is realise it, just for once, realise that the the threshold is reached. Your tears are in vain and nobody is interested in listening to your sad stories. Just move on.

This is what the mind says to the heart every time you hit your pillow. You think about all the super heroes of your childhood. You try to be strong and try not to think at all. But the moment you close your eyes, its all gone. Tears roll down your cheeks and you do nothing but feel terrible. In this process, another night is spent on wet pillows.

Another lazy morning, you do not want to move out of the bed. But the responsibilities take a lead and you finally get out of the bed. You follow the same routine every day.  The same office,  the same people, the same insane conversations. Sometimes, when people talk, inside your mind, you think of running to a place where nobody resides except you. A place where the moonlight lights up your room and the cold wind touches your feet. Where it rains whenever you wish. Where the coffee is just like you wanted. Where food is served with love and where you do not switch off the lights alone.

All this happens in a world where you do not live but intend to live. But actually, a world like this doesn’t exist. You come out of your day dreams and listen back to the insane conversations. Your mind is a big challenge. It takes you to places you have never been and you will never be.


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