Let them be whatever they want !

Since my childhood, I have heard my father say, “You need to be independent and have your own mind, I want to raise a strong girl who can take care of herself”.

Yes, strong I am indeed. And, independent too.

When I was a child and used to gratify people with my intelligence, my confidence, my ambitions, I always heard them say, “Your father has done a great job. He made you this.”

I felt so happy and proud.But as I grew older, I sensed people say these things but now unenthusiastically.

When I talk about my dreams and I want to become and I want to do, they are like, its okay, but I think thats enough. Why? Where does it come from? Since class third grade in school, we get to listen, excellent work, keep it up, sky is the limit and now after all these years, thats enough !

The only reason behind it is that we are born girls. We need to be in our limits and stay in our boundaries. Why are men so weak to not tolerate this and take it against their ego? We have all the rules from the time we should wake up till the kind of dress we should wear when we go to sleep. Its like someone is controlling every movement of ours.

They will tell us all the correct things we should do to take care of ourselves and maintain our image in public. What does this image mean? I am a girl and that’s my image.If I feel like singing, I will sing no matter how bad I am at it. If I want to dance, I will do it any way. There are no rules which can define what I should do, where I should do or what time I should do.Before speaking anything, think  about the question, who you are asking, where are you asking. By the time, I think of all this, I forget what the question was.

This needs to be changed. And the change starts from us. From you, from me. We need to be open- minded and take everything that comes to us in a good way. Our words can actually lower someone’s self-confidence. They can actually affect lives. Let every one live, live to the fullest. Do not put rules, on your sisters, on your girlfriends, on your wives, let them do whatever they want,let them be whatever they want.Making them happy will actually make you happy.


One thought on “Let them be whatever they want !

  1. The title says it all let them be whatever they want. To all the people who says it’s enough because you are a girl have no Idea what kind of a girl you are. They haven’t seen the best part of yours and they are afraid of the fact that you are way stronger than they have imagined. Keep Going Girl. There is lot to conquer. Cheers


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