Let them be whatever they want !

Since my childhood, I have heard my father say, “You need to be independent and have your own mind, I want to raise a strong girl who can take care of herself”.

Yes, strong I am indeed. And, independent too.

When I was a child and used to gratify people with my intelligence, my confidence, my ambitions, I always heard them say, “Your father has done a great job. He made you this.”

I felt so happy and proud.But as I grew older, I sensed people say these things but now unenthusiastically.

When I talk about my dreams and I want to become and I want to do, they are like, its okay, but I think thats enough. Why? Where does it come from? Since class third grade in school, we get to listen, excellent work, keep it up, sky is the limit and now after all these years, thats enough !

The only reason behind it is that we are born girls. We need to be in our limits and stay in our boundaries. Why are men so weak to not tolerate this and take it against their ego? We have all the rules from the time we should wake up till the kind of dress we should wear when we go to sleep. Its like someone is controlling every movement of ours.

They will tell us all the correct things we should do to take care of ourselves and maintain our image in public. What does this image mean? I am a girl and that’s my image.If I feel like singing, I will sing no matter how bad I am at it. If I want to dance, I will do it any way. There are no rules which can define what I should do, where I should do or what time I should do.Before speaking anything, think  about the question, who you are asking, where are you asking. By the time, I think of all this, I forget what the question was.

This needs to be changed. And the change starts from us. From you, from me. We need to be open- minded and take everything that comes to us in a good way. Our words can actually lower someone’s self-confidence. They can actually affect lives. Let every one live, live to the fullest. Do not put rules, on your sisters, on your girlfriends, on your wives, let them do whatever they want,let them be whatever they want.Making them happy will actually make you happy.


Lost !!!

All these months, I was gone.

I thought that focussing on real life would be better. But I missed this. This blog, this page, where I can open my heart out and know that nobody will judge me because people hardly know me here.

Here I am back…

Not sure what to write, how to start, will figure out something. Right now I am having a feeling best described  through this poem by Vikram Seth:

All you who sleep tonight

Far from the ones you love,

No hand to left or right

And emptiness above.


Know that you aren’t alone

The whole world shares your tears

Some for two nights or one

And some for all their years.


Bas yahi pal…

Khali haath ana hai,

Khali hath jana hai,

Bas kuch waqt hi

logon ke sath bitana hai.


Zindagi hai ek mod

jo theherti hi nahi,

Jitna bhi chalo

Kabhi thamkti hi nahi


Bheed me kho jana

Akele me aansu bahana

Dil ki kya hai kashmakash

Koi samajh hi na paya


Aise me chup kyu ho

Do shabd tum kaho

Do shabd hum kahe

Bas yahi pal hai humara !!!

Do not allow it…

I woke up late that day, it was around 11 am. As it was Sunday, I had no agenda for the day. I was lying on my bed with no idea what to do next. I had a complete sleep after many days. I did not understand but I was very relaxed, my mind open, no more drowsiness. It was like my eyes got wider and I could hear the sound around me more clearly than ever. The rotating fan, the birds outside my window, with all these noise, there was a sort of peace within me. I stood up and my legs felt stronger. After all the old days, I was starting to feel better. It is rightly said, “time is the best healer.”

I made coffee and went to the balcony. I like to be quiet for a while during the start of the day. I feel this morning time is my time, only mine. This was never possible when I was a kid. But now when I am on my own, I have it all. The sun was vertically up throwing up all the heat it contained directly on the land. Though it was hot summer day, a light cool breeze in some intervals was no bad idea.

I was happy as I was feeling good. I thought of not wasting the day in the house so I dressed up and planned to go out. I went to a book store, the only place in the city where time flies like anything. I had a good time,”a good me time”.

Its so simple to keep yourself happy and relaxed. Then why do we tend to find our happiness in others. I was thinking if this would have been the same day a year before where I would be happy for no particular reason, I am sure this happiness would not have lasted long. When we attach our happiness with others, we are always burdened with keeping others happy even if we are not.Unless we are ready for the responsibility, I think its better to away. We allow others to decide how good or bad our day will be. Even though, you had a completely rocking day, a small dejection and ignorance before your sleep can ruin all the good moments.

I don’t know if life is a fairy tale for some people or a bed of thorns for some people, but I know for sure that whatever the situation is, there exists no one better than you to help yourself. Remember smiles are contagious but not tears.If we keep ourselves happy, every good thing will follow. So, next time, when you are relaxed and having a good day and someone tries to extract your happy time, DO NOT allow it. Be rude, let the person feel miserable, be selfish, but never sacrifice your happy time for anyone. Happiness is a thing to be shared. But if you give away all of it, you will be left with nothing but the burden of giving more than you have and also feeling guilty for the things which are beyond your capabilities.

So, seize as much as you can , share as much as you should, and forget whats not in your control.

Nothing on my mind, Something in my heart

After many days and many nights, I am looking at the moon. It has not changed at all. The same sky, the same stars,  the same constellations.

In my childhood, when I slept under the stars, I would talk to myself. I would promise some things to myself. I would dream and plan. I would set my ambitions and take pledges. I would think of all good and bad things.

But now, when I look at the same moon, I am blank. My mind is empty. I don’t think anything. But there is something in my heart. A hope that as the universe stays the same for me, I will stay the same for it. I smile back looking above.

My physical appearance has changed but within me , there is the same child that would sing “Twinkle twinkle little stars” every night.